The operation involves the marketing of fresh, locally produced and imported fresh fruits and vegetables, in addition to preserved and frozen food stuffs, as the company process a chain of branches and super markets within housing areas, suburbs and investment areas thought-out Kuwait. In this regard, the company purchase a marketing policy based on providing assorted verities of fruits and vegetables on a year-round basis. This is accomplished by programming the import of these varieties to coincide with branch requirements and at times if local scarcity. The company also pursues an unfiled pricing policy at all its branches, the main aim of which is to attract a multitude of consumers, and conducts year-round promotional contests to promote sales.

The company also offers a “Home Delivery” service, and has market a fleet of refrigerated cars for this purpose. Within the framework of its future plan, the company intends to continue its policy of well advised spread of its new branches into those areas in which branches are lacking.