About Us

Agricultural Food Products Company founded in 1976 by Amiri decree is a Kuwait Share holding Company. With 28 Branches we are the only Company in Kuwait which covers all the areas. Our Vision is to expand Sales with respect to increase in Demand due to rapidly increasing population Growth. Our aim is to Introduce Global Market to Local market by supplying wide range of vegetables and fruits by importing them from around the world.

In 2014 strategic partnership was formed in which Suma fruits international acquired 77.79% of AFPC share from Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA).

Our Mission

AFPC is always a national strengthening arm with an aim to increase the local production as part of the country’s mission to secure the foods resources. It maintains a team of experienced agricultural engineers, Tools & Equipment and manages 100 acres of Farm’s in Wafra. AFPC Logistics divisions is highly trusted Department. It is equipped with a fleet of more than 30 different types of refrigerated trucks and vehicles which receive and distribute the fresh products to cooperatives markets, major retailers and small vendors.

Our Vision

AFPC is growing to become a recognizable grocery outlet in the retail business, Last but not the least we are moving forward to reinforce its renovated image by providing a new pleasant shopping experience to valued customers throughout our wide locations in Kuwait